Control Is Out of Control - No Free Upgrade To Next-Gen

As always, gamers are all heated up again after Remedy and 505 Games released a statement around their recent game 'control' which released in August 2019. Now myself and others were not expecting an upgrade at all for this for next-gen seen as it was released so long ago and any expectations for an upgrade are with games released 6 months prior to the release of a new console.

Well, this has changed things as now you can get a FREE upgrade of Control of the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X... If you go and purchase the Ultimate edition of Control. If you purchased the game when it first came out and have also purchased all the DLC then you're still out of luck as you will need to repurchase the whole game.

This is where it has really hit gamers hard, a lot of people defending their move saying people shouldn't expect a free upgrade for a year old game which i fully agree with! if it wasn't for the fact they're re-releasing the game for current gen and offering the 'free' upgrade. This cuts out all of the support from early adopters of the title and everyone who purchased the game and DLC now feeling like they've been left in the dark.

We highly expect a statement from Remedy or 505 games and maybe even an option for people who have purchased everything for the game so far, the backlash can only be seen to get worse as time goes on

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