Cyberpunk 2077 PC Specs Revealed & It's Not As Bad As You Think...

Having been delayed twice now, with a new release date of Nov 19, the least CD Projekt Red can do for its already huge Cyberpunk community, is carry on pushing insights and previews of aspects of the game.

In the latest episode of NIGHT CITY WIRE (on SP home page) they did just that, and we finally got some vital information in good preparation for the game's release later this year; minimum and recommended PC specifications.

The good news? - you're probably going to be able to run it if your PC is already primed to play the latest FPS's and RPG's.

Looking at the minimum requirements, which are surprisingly low by the way, you are also looking at being able to play it on medium or low settings if you've upgraded your tower in the last few years - why anyone would be happy to experience what is primed to be the most immersive game of the decade on low to medium, I do not know, but there it is.

The info from the WIRE comes in good time for people to upgrade if they need to before CP2077's release and is a reminder that the thing is eventually coming out - HA!

Troy, out.

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