Dead by Daylight Receives REAL Crossplay

Dead by Daylight, the 1v4 asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, has finally received crossplay compatibility between consoles and PC.

Lovers of the game, using Steam, were given 'Crossplay' back in November 2019 but could only dive into a matchmaking pool with Windows Store users. I mean, WHAT? That wasn't cross play.

Regardless, developers Behaviour Interactive have finally made good on their promise on delivering PC-to-Console crossplay to the game. Now, players using PC will be able to match with players using PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. This doesn't mean that players are forced to swim in an ocean of dirty console players, no. Behaviour Interactive has implemented an 'opt-out' feature, leaving the decision in the gamer's hands, as it should be. (Read BI's FAQ on their cross-play feature here).

What's more is that BI have implemented something called 'Cross-friends' in the latest update, which allows for friends to find and play Dead by Daylight with eachother, albeit with no in-game communication, but let's face it, friends just use other means - our favourite being Discord.

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