Destiny 2: Beyond light - A Closer Look At Stasis

In June, we had our first look at what we can expect in the upcoming release of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light fall expansion with a trailer that literally knocked our socks off.

Since then we've had a few more gifts handed to us that give us a closer inspection at the new powers and experimental skill tree that will be available to players in November 2020.

More notably, the Stasis power seems to have become a major point of interest for fans and so Bungie has shown us, it's something that we are going to love in-game. Now the most anticipated feature, Stasis looks as though it's going to be the dog's business when it comes to abilities.

On Thursday, Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light which gives us a better angle to assess Stasis in action along with its subclasses, watch the trailer:

Since June, Guardians have seen a whole host of different Stasis formats depending on your class, including grenades that can be thrown whilst in freefall which explode into landing surfaces, an ice staff used by Warlocks in the new Shadebinder subclass, an ice axe wielded by Hunters in Revenant subclass, an ice gauntlet worn by Titans in Behemoth subclass, amongst others.

The trailer gives us an isolated look at each of the classes, what they look like using Stasis and more importantly, confirmed the names of the new subclasses.

What's known is that Stasis will sit nicely in a 4-strong power group, alongside Solar, Void, and Arc.

Dr. Lupo, streamer, had the opportunity to sit down with Destiny 2's game director Luke Smith to hash out the particulars regarding the new skill-tree system that will be implemented in the expansion, in which he mentions that the Stasis power will use a highly-customisable tree that "allows for much more player choice and flexibility". He also mentions that the skill-tree is an experiment, and whether the skill tree for Stasis will be applied to the other new powers is still unclear.

What we do know is that all will be revealed on release November 10th 2020.

Stay tuned to SkyPunk for the latest updates!

Troy, out.

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