Dr Disrespect Announces His Platform Change

After almost 2 months of speculation and crazy theories around the breakdown between Twitch and Dr Disrespect, it appears the Doc has revealed which platform he's going to make a return on. It started 4 hours ago with a video upload by the Doc, it was a short music video written and produced by 'J+1' with the Doc on vocals featuring lyrics strongly related to his leave with Twitch and a new platform.

I don't even know

Why I try anymore,

I don't even know

You can't replace me

I'm awake, it's time to break free

I'm levitating

Excited fans, YouTubers and fellow streamers sat and watched the stream, which featured a petrol station branded by the Doc and his famous 1990 Lamborghini Diablo VT, accompanied with classic RetroWave music and prerecorded announcements from the Doc. Through this stream, yet again he managed to acquire over 300k viewers and not even show his face, the chat was filled with donations and subscriptions to his channel.

It's clear that this strategy is really going to blow the roof off YouTube, and with Ninja moving from YouTube and BACK to twitch. Is there anyone that will be able to challenge the Doc for the top spot on YouTube?? We are still yet to see where Shroud will go after the breakdown of Mixer.

All excitement was postponed as after 1 hour of streaming he decided to put out a tweet which will make us all wait... just that little bit longer

The stream will be on the 7th of August with no time yet confirmed.

Cannot wait to see how his first stream upon returning will perform, but we all know he likes to go all out on his production. After all, he's at the tippity top of the mountain but he's really only halfway up, think about it.

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