Dr Disrespect's Return Breaks Records!

The first stream from the Doc since his unknown permanent ban on Twitch was nothing short of amazing. As always his production was on a higher level than anyone else in the streaming world, although the stream was significantly shorter than his usual broadcasts, he managed to break previous records.

Back in February 2018 after taking personal time off, the Doc's return saw him reach 388,000 viewers! falling just shy of the record holder Tyler1 which stood at 410,000... But the return of Doc labelled 'DOC 3.0) has managed to smash the record with acquiring a whopping 510,000 viewers! the 2 and half hour long stream was filled with endless subscriptions to the channel and ridiculously sized donations, multiple $500's and a $1000 donation included!

Now the Doc has not signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube but after the numbers and amount of revenue brought to the platform from the stream, I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube reaches out to the Doc and try and work on an agreement. Ninja, after his recent departure from Mixer due to Microsoft breaking it down and selling to Facebook, did stream for a short period on YouTube and recently went back to Twitch to stream but struggled to get anywhere near close the viewership, managing just 90,000 viewers on Twitch on his return.

Dr Disrespect portrayed by Herschel "Guy" Beahm

Touching on the subject of the Twitch ban which in all honesty, I'm beginning to grow tired of hearing about, Doc states that he still has no clue as to why he received the ban. There's still zero communication coming from Twitch which is crazy to say that he was one of their biggest sources of income.

After the weekend he will be back streaming again on YouTube and for his usual broadcasting duration, consider his first stream back as a warm-up but it's clear that he's full of energy and not allowing the recent situations bring him down and keep him quiet. The 64 powerhouse with a 37-inch vertical leap and the winner of the 1993 and 1994 video game championships in front of the killer whale exhibit shows no signs of stopping.

You can watch his entire first stream back below

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