EPIC Games Makes Stand Against Apple and Google

Epic Games has just made one of the most daring moves against tech giants Apple and Google, as they make a stand against their monopoly-styled platforms. Currently Apple take a 30% cut of payments made through the app store which all apps must filter ALL their in app payments through the same system, same thing with Google.

Epic have recently added a new sneaky update to their massively growing game 'Fortnite' which allows players to buy the in-game currency 'V-bucks' at a lower price by bypassing Apple and Google's systems and directly purchasing straight from Epic themselves. Upon making this move, Apple were the first to ban and remove the game from their app store, stating it was against the terms and conditions. You would think this would be a shock to Epic? wrong, it appears it's what they planned from the start as they go head to head with the dominating tech behemoth.

Shortly after this, Google announced the same thing and Epic's plan is also set to play a part in fighting against them. Epic games stated they had to originally boost prices to compensate for the large percentage the tech giants were taking to make it profitable themselves. Now this is where it gets juicy! Epic have filed a large lawsuit against BOTH companies, bringing the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 into the ring. Which Epic claims they have violated 6 separate accounts within the act around Unlawful--Monopoly, denial of essential facility and unreasonable restraints of trade.

Epic is not seeking any form on financial compensation over this but is in fact looking to allow for fair competition as the main two tech giants have control over hundreds of thousands of developers that reach out to millions of consumers around the world. This is by far the biggest stand taken against them and will be interesting to see how it plays out, Epic aren't shy with standing in front of competition as on PC they have their own Epic Games platform that's used to combat Valve's platform 'Steam' where Steam takes a massive 30% from purchases and transactions made to developers, Epic only takes 12% making it easier for Dev's to profit. With all the recent talks about video games struggling to sustain prices and costs, lower reductions on purchases would play a massive role in this, instead of just increasing the overall cost to consumers which in turn still makes even more money for all these monopolised style companies.

As we wrap this story up, it's safe to say that Epic of not keeping this quiet at all. They have recreated an advert Apple released in 1984 against IBM As Steve Jobs fought against the exact same thing that Apple have become today in 2020.

The fortnite style recreation is posted across socials and a planned in-game event to "free fortnite" is said to be in place.

We will keep up to date with how this rolls out over the coming months but this is definitely going to shake up both the gaming AND app store industry

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