FALL GUYS Peaks Above 500k Viewers on TWITCH

The recent release of battle royale, FALL GUYS Ultimate Knockout, saw the game rocket to the number one spot on Steam's Top Sellers list, overtaking other new releases like Horizon Zero Dawn and other games on SALE.

The charismatic game, developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, has been commended for its ability to be both quirky and dramatic, which also gives some indication as to why the popularity of this game keeps growing.

Last week, FALL GUYS became the second most-streamed game on TWITCH, only trailing behind the renowned League of Legends, and peaking at an astonishing 523,115 viewers on its release date, Aug 4 2020.

Early this year Devolver Digital released a free virtual game version of their showcase event, Devolverland Expo, in which you run around the expo arena visiting the stands of upcoming Devolver games, whilst solving some puzzles and evading some extremely annoying robots. What's more, is that you get to use a Devolver Digital tee-shirt launcher to stun the robots whilst you go about your business.

All I can say about the event is that Devolver did a pretty good job at playing the game down when compared with the reception it's received thus far since release.

Play Devolverland Expo to see what else Devolver Digital have in store for us:

Troy, out.

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