Gotham Knights REVEAL - Conjecture Confirmed

Batman is gone! The mantle is left to a select few to uphold, along with all Batman's tech and gadgets...

The DC FanDome event held today, Aug 22, has not disappointed fans with its reveals so far. Most notably for us is the Gotham Kights reveal...

After a year of teasers, rumours, cryptic tweets and a trail of breadcrumbs left for fans to follow, we have our answer. The next game in the Batman franchise from publisher Interactive Entertainment is Gotham Knights, take a first look at the premiere trailer:

Some diehard Caped Crusader fans may have been disappointed that Batman himself doesn't actually feature in the game, however, we believe the trailer makes up for that - it looks incredible - and confirms our earlier suspicions about Batgirl making her debut appearance into the DC game franchise.

Accompanying Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) is the rest of the 'Bat-Fam'; Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood. In the trailer, we see how visually awesome these characters are going to be in-game, something we feel fans needed to see to forgive WB Games Montreal for killing off our best boy.

Even more prominent for us at SkyPunk, is the confirmation of the next antagonist in Warner Bro's Batman franchise - the Court of Owls.

As suspicions rose over the last few days about the next bad guy Batman will be pitted against being the Illuminati-type villains, the Court of Owls, we were given our first images. The back-end of the trailer shows the sinister council in an ominous collage of scenes revealing what the Court's operatives look like, all whilst the eerie nursery rhyme connected with the group is spoken by a child...

Chilling stuff that makes your hairs stand on end.

What's more, is we catch a glimpse of the formidable assassins used by the Court of Owls to do their dirty work, and again, it did not disappoint, resembling closely how they are depicted in the comic art style.

Fantastic Ey?

Gotham Knights will be released on a multitude of platforms in 2021 (PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X) and will allow us to play both solo and co-op in an open-world Gotham never seen before.

Want to be amazed some more? - take a look at the gameplay, as if the trailer wasn't enough!

Again, this has quickly become a must-play for us.

Stay tuned to SkyPunk for the latest News & Reviews!

Troy, out.

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