New Nintendo Switch Due Early 2021

After over a year of speculation, It would appear that Nintendo will be manufacturing a new and improved Switch console. The Switch is becoming one of Nintendo's best selling consoles and has even outsold the Xbox One X, despite not having the high powered hardware which features in Microsoft and Sony's consoles, the Switch has managed to hold itself up amid the 'console wars'.

The Nintendo Switch is so popular because of its ability to be played in mobile and console form, unless you have the Switch Lite which only has mobile compatibility. Since having the Switch myself since launch day (3rd March 2017) I have found it to be easy to pickup and play, It becomes a great alternative than just picking up my phone and playing mediocre games.

What also compliments the versatility of the console is the large selection of Nintendo exclusive games which is one of the main selling points of any console this day and age. The only issues I have with the Switch, is that i always wanted a more powerful version, for example if you want a smooth framerate throughout Zelda breathe of the wild then you would be best to select 720p resolution on your TV instead of 1080p. A boost in hardware performance and a larger better quality screen on the device itself are the only things i see which hold it back.

Various reports claim that a new Switch is to be manufactured in Q4 of this year and planned release is set for Q1 2021. The reports claim that the new Switch will feature a new and improved screen and upgraded interactivity for users, speculation that they may try and push 4K to try and stay in the market against the next-gen consoles, although i don't think they essentially need this to keep their place in sales, the original Switch and Switch Lite are still difficult to get a hold of at times due to popularity. Also in the Switch's firmware update 10.0.0 there are mentions of another device, the current models are also listed along with a mysterious unknown device which many believe is the new console. I'm not shocked about an improved model and i welcome it, i feel there are a number of changes they can make to the hardware and console design itself to meet consumer needs.

We will keep you updated on any news released about the rumoured Switch 2

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