PlayStation 5 Price Revealed?

The big question we've all had over the last few months from both Sony and Microsoft is how much are the next-gen consoles are going to set us back?

Now when this current generation launched, Sony held their PlayStation 4 at just £349 whilst Microsoft's Xbox One cost significantly more at £429. Over the years we have seen slim and cheaper versions of the two, also more powerful expensive versions. But speculation for the next-gen costs has been hovering around the £400-£600 mark.

The latest leak comes from a large retailer in France, which isn't surprising as the previous leak 2 months ago was from Amazon France. Both sites listed the PlayStation 5 and the peripherals for the same price, obviously the page was taken down but not quick enough for thousands of people to notice.

Now with basic conversion rates, it would appear that the standard PlayStation 5 will retail for around £447 and the digital model for just £360. Now as I said, the conversions won't be correct and then there are other charges here and there but this gives us a nice estimate of what to be expecting.

Now, these prices could mean nothing at all, they might have copied them straight from the Amazon France pages. Now personally I had predicted that the main console would cost either £500/£550 with hopes that the digital model would cost £100 less than the standard. This helps to back up mine and many others theory about the £100 difference and hopefully, that's what we will see, mainly due to the fact that a 4K Blu-Ray player costs around £130+ at the moment.

Hopefully, it won't be long until both Sony and Microsoft lay all their cards down on the table and we get an official price in the coming month. Stay with us at SkyPunk Media as the news and leaks show no signs of slowing down.

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