Project Discovery 'Levels-Up' In EVE

CCP Games has revolutionised the way in which games can communicate, contribute to and interconnect with unrelated sectors in different industries over a number of years, most namely with their innovative mini-game PROJECT DISCOVERY.

The endeavour is now in its third phase (Flow Cytometry), allowing capsuleers to contribute to the battle against COVID-19 on the scientific front, with exponential incentives - the higher the level, the higher the reward. Capsuleers get to play the mini-game and receive rewards for levelling up as they work through sample data sets gained through flow cytometry, segregating populations of cells, and then submitting this information for collation and analysis to better understand this global viral threat. It would appear that patriotic pilots of EVE Online have been nothing but completely willing to join the noble cause.

In partnership with MMOS and the scientists at McGill University along with BC Cancer and a few renowned immunology clinicians including Dr Andrea Cossarizza, Project Discovery has managed to submit over 40 million completed graphs for analysis, over 400k verified and confirmed as viable, and have single-handedly helped the scientific community to progress their cause.

MMOS CEO and co-founder Attila Szantner had this to say in the letter address on the Eve Online website:

"We have been working on Project Discovery for 5 years and it is amazing to see how the EVE player community even after all this time keeps tirelessly participating in research efforts. This contribution is especially important and valuable in these pressing times. Thank you all!”

Followed by a quote from Jérôme Waldispühl, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, McGill University:

"The participation and quality of the data produced by the EVE community has been truly amazing and exceeded all our projections. We are thrilled to be able to mine this unique source of wisdom for the immediate benefit of biomedical research”

It's evident that the efforts of EVE Online players have had a major positive effect on the progress made in the scientific community in this regard.

It's now time to roll up our capsuleer sleeves and get stuck into Project Discovery once more as the scientific community have issued another challenge, this time to produce more advanced flow cytometry graphs for their data acquisition regime, therefore allowing them to scrutinise more accurate data and implement into their research efforts.

If you were privy to playing the mini-game, demarcating cell clusters in Project Discovery, then you'll understand that every so often you came across a flow cytometry graph which was much more difficult to segregate than the majority of them. Well, a need for more accurate data sets means more of these bad boys coming your way - but it's for a good cause right? Exactly, so zip it and get on with it.

EVE Online is a free-to-play epic, space-faring, sandbox MMO and can be downloaded HERE or on Steam.

Troy, out.

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