AMD Tease New Radeon RX 6000 Series Ahead Of Official Reveal

AMD's answer to the Nvidia RTX 3000 Series is slated for an official reveal on October 28, where AMD will detail the specs for the new card series, but they weren't about to make us wait that long without a teaser were they?

In a random tweet on Monday (Sept 14), AMD pointed Fortnite fans to a level in which they could see an in-game rendered version of the card's official design:

Predictable as such, Fortnite players flocked to the level, inputted the code and was able to witness this easter egg of sorts:

Players were able to circumnavigate the card in full as you would on AutoCad software actually designing and inspecting the thing - cool right?

Whilst it's a thoughtful gesture for AMD to be thinking of us like this, the in-game render doesn't particularly reveal anything more than we already know about its physical hardware design and set up, that you can't already deduce from AMD's promo pics of the Radeon RX 6000 Series. One noticeable difference to its existing roster of Radeon cards, however, is the dual 8-pin female connector port, indicating that this card will draw a little more juice from your probably-already-overworked PSU. Time to upgrade!

We will still have to hang tight for the specification reveal on Oct 28, which, right now, seems too far away. Stay tuned to SkyPunk beyond this date for more info and speculation on what AMD is giving us.

Troy, out.

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