The Master Chief Is Getting Crossplay

Only recently has the PC version of The Master Chief Collection received it's 4th game in the series this year 'Halo 3". BETA Testing for Halo 3:ODST is also due to start soon. Looks like they're aiming to have it released before Halo Infinite launches but still no word on if PC players will ever get their hands on Halo 4 and Halo 5 but we really hope so.

Alongside this announcement, 343 Studios also released a list of game features they intend to add to the game. The list really shows they have a passion for bringing the players everything they had wished for since the collection first released back in November 2014. The game was a buggy mess and seemed like a quick compilation put together, after many complaints about the release, 343 vowed to work hard on the game to bring it up to player standards and expectations.

Here's the list of features currently in progress:

  • Crossplay 

  • Input based MM 

  • Sever region selection 

  • Custom game browser 

  • Per game graphics options

  • Per game audio options 

  • M&K support for Xbox 

  • PC fileshare 

  • Double keybinds for all games 

  • ViewModel adjustments for all games 

  • In-game FPS cap/adjustments 

  • Steam account linking

Now this list is music to gamer's ears and we never even expected Crossplay to feature at all. This shows 343's dedication to the remaster of these games and receiving praises all over the internet.

What features are you most excited to see added the MCC? Let us know below.

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